Baby Eczema

Eczema Treatment Developed Just For Babies

Calendulis Plus Cream was specifically developed to relieve the agony of baby eczema.

The treatment of baby eczema needs to be a little different because of babies sensitive skin – the Grahams specially developed formulas take this into account.

After all, Geoff Graham, the developer of the creams and oils, had one of the worst recorded cases of baby and childhood eczema and didn’t want his child to go through the same thing.

Atopic eczema affects one in five children yet it is uncommon before the age of two months.

Initially appearing as skin inflammation with oozing and crusting of the skin followed by a red rash that is dry and itchy, eczema is distressing for both baby and parent.

In young babies (2 – 4 months) the eczema usually first appears on the face and scalp and then extends to the limbs especially the wrists and hands and behind the knees and elbows. In more severe eczema the whole body including the trunk may be covered.

Features of Baby Eczema

The most common form of eczema amongst children is atopic eczema. However it is rare for a child to develop eczema before the age of 2 months. Eczema is usually more severe in the early months becoming less severe as the child grows older. Most children will have outgrown their eczema by the time they start school.

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Who gets Baby Eczema

The incidence of eczema amongst children is on the rise. The rise can almost certainly be attributed to aspects of our modern way of life., such as more pollution, processed foods and more chemicals and irritants around us.

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Treating Baby Eczema

Finding out that your baby has eczema is very distressing. To make life for your baby (and the rest of the family) more pleasant it is important to keep the skin well moisturized and find a good treating cream that you can use regularly.

Your baby can’t tell you when his skin is sore or itchy but he will become irritable and unsettled if he is uncomfortable. Keeping up a good skin care regime and following a few simple rules will help to control his eczema.

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Living with a baby/child with Eczema

When your baby has eczema it is not just the baby that suffers. The condition consumes the life of everyone in the household. It is heartbreaking to see you tiny bundle of joy suffering and consequently and you do everything in your power to help them.

It is however important to ensure that you maintain as normal a life as possible. Let your child play with other children and swim in the pool. Go on family holidays and just enjoy being together.

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Starting School with Eczema

For many their eczema will be all but gone by the time they start school. However for some their eczema is still a problem and starting school is a concern as it will make the condition more difficult to control. Gaining the co-operation of the teacher will make the transfer from home life to school life easier.

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