Eczema Treatment

If we knew exactly how to treat eczema, there would be a lot of happy and itch-free people out there! But unfortunately there is no easy way to treat eczema.

The difficulty is that eczema is a very individual condition. What triggers one person’s eczema will often have no effect on another person’s eczema. Similarly when treating eczema what works for one person may have no effect on another.

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Treat the Symptoms

As there is no cure for eczema or singular treatment that will work for everyone people are left to treat the symptoms of eczema. The aim is to control the itching, dryness, inflammation and redness.

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Selecting a Treatment

It all comes down to trial and error. Most people with eczema will have tried many different creams and emollients in an attempt to control their eczema. Treatments range from the doctors preferred steroid based creams to a huge range of natural products now available.

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Using Emollients

Emollients form the basis of any eczema treatment regime. There are a huge range of eczema treatment creams available however it is a matter of trial and error finding the one that best suits your skin type.

Despite what cream you choose to use there are some basic rules that should be followed to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the cream and to ensure that it is used safely. One important, but often forgotten rule is to always patch test any new product before using it on the affected areas.

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Alternative Therapies

Eczema treatment has traditionally involved moisturizers, creams, ointments and soap substitutes. However in more recent times people have started to turn to the alternate therapies in an attempt to have a more holistic approach to their condition.

Whilst naturopaths and homeopaths still use emollients they also look more deeply at the core of the problem and aim at treating the whole person rather than the one isolated problem.

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General Care

Although most of our eczema treatments require creams and ointments there are other ways to help soothe the skin and minimize the allergens. When used in conjunction with a good skin care routine they can help considerably to control the condition. The secret is to find the methods that best suit your skin type and lifestyle.

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