Adult Eczema

Teenage Eczema

Whilst we commonly think of eczema as a childhood condition that you will grow out of before you start school, this is not always the case.

Many children carry their eczema on into their teen and even adult years. The most common form of eczema to affect a teenager is atopic eczema. The causes, treatments and teatures are therfore the same as for atopic eczema in children. The main difference is the emotional factor . The teen years are a critical time in life and having eczema can have some detrimental effects if not handled properly.

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Adult Onset Eczema

It is not uncommon for an adult to develop atopic eczema for lthe first time or to have it reappear after years of lying dormant. This is often very distressing and the adult has emotional issues to deal with as well as the physical problems of the rash and itch to cope with.

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Types of Adult Eczema

Although an adult can develop atopic eczema it is more common later in life to develop some of the other forms of eczema. Eczema of the hands is one of the most common forms of adult eczema especially as our hands are used in almost every aspect of our lives and an allergy or sensitivity can result in all sorts of problems with the skin on the hands.

Nummular Eczema and Dyshidrotic eczema are also far more common in adults than children.

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Living with Adult Onset Eczema

Living with adult onset eczema requires considerable adaptations to your daily life. You must come to accept that you have the condition and develop a daily routine to help control the symptoms. A good skin care routine will help to control the symptoms.

Many adults also lead busy lives which are full of deadlines and high expectations. In short the life today of the average adult is full of varying sorts of stress. Stress is a common trigger of eczema so it is one area that needs to be looked at in an effort to control adult eczema.

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Pregnancy and Eczema

Pregnancy does strange things to a woman’s body, and often for unknown reasons. Some women will experience a miraculous clearing of their eczema whilst pregnant. However for others their eczema will become considerably worse, or it may reappear after years of lying dormant. Some women will even experience eczema first time during pregnancy.

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