Our Guarantee

When Epismooth.com ship our products to you they leave in perfect condition and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

If our products arrive in anything less than excellent condition, then something happened in transit. We would be very disappointed to know you received your goods in less than perfect condition. Please let us know.

We are more than upset when anything comes between our quality standards and your satisfaction. We’ll make things right.

Thank you for choosing Epismooth.com.

As you might know, different skin conditions react differently to various treatments. Whilst we stand behind our claims about the products we sell, we simply cannot provide a guarantee that they will work for absolutely everyone.

Our experience, and the experience of the vast majority of our customers, is that our products work and work well at relieving the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Otherwise we wouldn’t recommend them!

And of course we guarantee the quality of the products available from Epismooth.com.