Bras And Undies

by Mel on June 20, 2011

I’ve said it a million times: “Cotton is best”. This is especially so for underwear.

Young girls with sensitive skin getting their first bra should look for an all cotton bra – no lace, no lycra, no cotton blends. Also avoid a bra with seams across the cup. This is not as easy as it sounds especially when looking for a pretty bra or a sporty bra.

Similarly underpants should be all cotton and preferably loose fitting. Boxers are great! These days most boys are more than happy to wear boxers (usually hanging out over their jeans) but girls are a little more reluctant. Try buying undies that are a size too big so the elastic won’t cut in and with a fuller backside so they don’t ride up and irritate.

The less irritation caused the less chance of an eczema flare up occurring. This is particularly important in those sensitive areas. Some wise shopping now may reduce the risk of uncomfortable itchy skin later.

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