Extreme Weather Conditions

by Mel on January 10, 2011

The weather is changing world wide.  In the last month or so we have seen New York, London and Japan covered in an uncharacteristically large amount of snow.  New Zealand has been rocked by earthquakes and the tremors just keep on happening.  And of course in Australia most of Queensland is under water.

The changes in weather mean the air is different, for some the air is moist and humid while for others the air is cold and dry. These changed conditions can cause unexpected changes in skin conditions.

Flare Ups Are Not Uncommon

If you are experiencing a flare up of your eczema or psoriasis at the moment look at the weather.  It may be the changed conditions are affecting your skin.  Sending your eczema or psoriasis into turmoil.

It is important that you take extra care of your skin during this time.  Be vigilant with moisturizing and emollients.  You may find you need to use emollients more often until you get the flare up under control.

With flare ups comes extra itchiness.  Try not to scratch.  Keep nails short and try to keep your hands busy.

Cold, Dry Air

Skin exposed to cold, dry air will need extra moisturizing.  Protect your skin from the cold.  Keep it covered with natural non-itchy fibers.  Wear cotton under woolen outer clothes.  If the skin becomes too cold reheat slowly.  Do not put cold skin up closely to open flames to warm it up.  This will damage the skin leading to a flare up.

Hot, Humid Air

When the air is hot and humid the risk is skin irritation from perspiration.  Keep the skin clean and dry but moisturize after showering or washing.  Try to wear dry clothes and change out of wet clothing as soon as possible.  Whilst extra moisturizing may not be necessary use of emollients to control flare ups is vital.

Remember cotton clothing breathes best allowing better air flow for the skin to remain cool.  Avoid sunburn in hot climates as this will damage the skin leading to flare ups.

Stress Always A Factor

Stress is known to be a common trigger for eczema and psoriasis flare ups.  When we are experiencing extreme weather conditions that are threatening our livelihood it is difficult to not become stressed.  I guess all you can do is accept this as a factor affecting your skin, try to weather the storm (no pun intended) as best you can and keep looking forward.  This weather cannot last forever.

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