Choices – Which cream to use??

There are many different creams on the market. The difficulty is knowing which ones work and which ones are best to avoid.


For many years doctors have prescribed steroid-based creams to treat the discomfort of both eczema and psoriasis. Whilst the steroids may be effective, prolonged or over use will cause skin atrophy which weakens the skin and leads to frail skin later in life.


Sorbolene based creams, whilst often soothing cause concerns in many as the glycerine component of sorbolene, is a common allergen thus worsening rather than improving the already irritated skin.

An aqueous (water) based cream is therefore often more suitable as the risks of an allergic reaction are greatly reduced.


Recent times have resulted in a swing in our way of thinking. Where we once only wanted prescription drugs there is now a trend towards natural treatments. There is also the common belief that if it is natural it must be good for us. This is not always the case.

A person prone to allergies can react to a natural product the same as they can react to a prescribed drug. This is not to say however that natural products are bad – far from it. It simply means that it pays to know what you are looking for and use a degree of caution.

Generally speaking when looking for a natural eczema treatment it is best to avoid the treatments that guarantee to cure your eczema. As we all know there is no eczema cure. Treatments are aimed at relieving the symptoms. Also look for products that list all of their ingredients. Some products claiming to be natural may still contain chemicals that may be harmful to the sensitive, allergy prone eczema skin.

Up until recently ones chances of finding an effective, all natural cream with an aqueous base have been limited due to lack of products that actually work on the market.

Calendulis Plus Cream?

Calendulis Plus Cream is all-natural, made up of a variety of substances all specifically chosen for their effectiveness in aiding skin repair and vitality.

Calendula helps to sooth and heal itchy, dry skin while centella asiatica helps to repair damaged skin. Propolis is an anti-inflammatory herb that calms the redness of the skin irritation.

Calendulis Plus Cream also contains manuka honey that helps to kill the bacteria on the skin and aid in the repair of the skin tissue.

Emu Oil, used in Calendulis Plus Cream is high in vitamins E and A. It is the most penetrative oil known to man and is able to penetrate deep into the skin to aid in the repair process and softening of the skin.

Using Calendulis Plus Cream in combination with Grahams Bath Oil in the bath water is most beneficial because the oil will help to keep the skin moist.

As with any new topical treatment you are using, it is advisable to patch test the Calendulis Plus Cream on an unaffected area before using it on the affected areas.

Mel Sinclair, RN