Eczema and Alternative Therapies

We all know that skin conditions are very complex to treat. Many people become very frustrated after using many orthodox treatments that have failed to solve their skin problems. It is at this point that many people turn to “Alternative Therapies” or “Natural Therapies”.

Natural or Alternate therapies approach your eczema differently. They have a holistic approach. They have the overall belief that to obtain and maintain optimum good health, a balance of emotional, physical and mental health need to be achieved.

Treating the whole person

Treatment is aimed at assisting the body’s own natural healing powers. This is opposed to creating an artificial form of healing which is often the approach in orthodox treatments.

When determining a suitable treatment, the therapist will consider the nature of the person. This will include the person’s emotions, personality, reaction and circumstances.

In doing this, the therapy may be directed not only at the illness but also at correcting imbalances encompassing the whole body. Therapy is likely to involve advice about your lifestyle. Treatments may also take longer as they strive to get to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

Take responsibility for your own health

More patience and effort is therefore required when using natural therapy. One also has to be prepared to take responsibility of their own health and be prepared to change.

A British survey showed that most people turn to natural therapies after years of conventional medicine for chronic problems. Almost all had seen their family doctor first and although most found conventional practitioners helpful and understanding the conventional medicine had not been able to solve their problems.

Allergic conditions such as eczema, asthma, urticaria and rhinitis (runny nose) were the second most common reasons for attending a natural therapist. The same survey revealed that almost two thirds of people felt they had experienced some improvement with the natural treatment.

Positive attitude the key

People who approached natural therapy with a positive attitude and a belief that it would benefit them were more likely to show positive results..

This is not to say that natural therapies are better than conventional or vice versa, but perhaps natural treatment is more suited to offer help to long term ailments like allergies, migraines, rheumatism, stress and depression.

Mel Sinclair, RN