Eczema Medication

Just as the symptoms of eczema vary and can range from mild to severe, so does the range of eczema medication that is available to you. Most medication can be bought over the counter at a pharmacy, prescribed by a doctor or be offered to you via a naturopath.

Eczema medication can help to relieve inflammation and itching and prevent further damage to the skin during flare ups. With the appropriate medication, you can expect the condition to be brought under control within about three weeks, and although the eczema may never be totally cured, the medication can help you maintain better control.

Finding the right medication for you

Although the theory behind using eczema medication sounds simple enough, it is never that easy to find a medication that will work for you. Because no two people with eczema are the same, the type of eczema medication that will work best for you will only be found through the often tiresome process of trial and error.

The best way to go about finding an eczema medication is to go to a recommended practitioner first. They will be able to prescribe a suitable medication, and offer advice on the various ways to alleviate symptoms. Ask around, and go to someone who is recommended to you, or who is known to have a good understanding about skin disorders and/or eczema specifically.

The type of eczema medication that they prescribe first may not work for you, but PERSEVERE. The best eczema medication FOR YOU is out there – it can just take a while to find.

Mel Sinclair, RN