Function of the Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one that we could not survive without. The skin is a mirror of your health. If you are a smoker, a heavy drinker, anaemic, exhausted, or dehydrated your skin will show it. Similarly if you are in good health your skin will radiate your health.

The skin protects us. It shields our inner organs from exposure to internal dangers like chemicals or traumas. It also keeps salt and water inside our body. Extensive inflammation or burns to the skin will change this barrier against external chemicals and internal biochemicals.

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Liquids are then able to leak out and be lost leading to problems with the body’s fluid balance. In the same way the damaged skin no longer has its protective shield. Secondary infections become a reality as external substances penetrate the surface.

When the normal physiological functions which are necessary to preserve the integrity of the skin falter a skin disease appears.

Mel Sinclair, RN