Learn from your mistakes

Making mistakes is good – providing you learn from them.

It is no different to when you were a toddler learning life skills like walking and stacking blocks. You try different methods – discard the ones that don’t work and continue with the ones that do.

The same works for eczema, the only difference is that now you are doing it consciously.

Making mistakes is a part of life…

Making errors is part of the process of finding a treatment regime and lifestyle that effectively controls your eczema.

If everyone suffered in the same way eczema would be an easy condition to treat. But eczema is a very individual condition. Each person will have individual triggers causing their eczema to flare up. It is finding these triggers that often takes trial and error.

Similarly a person’s response to treatments will be individual. What works well for one person often has no effect on another person. A variety of treatments may need to be trialed before an effective treatment is found.

The secret is not to take the failures to heart. Do not take them as a sign to give up, but rather as a learning curve and another step in the right direction to finding the best way to control your eczema.

The reality is so long as you learn from your mistakes they are not really mistakes at all, but rather a step closer to successfully managing your eczema

Mel Sinclair, RN