Mobile phones trigger eczema

The possible health risks from using mobile phones have been under scrutiny for some time. In particular the risk of children who regularly us a mobile phone developing brain tumors.

Two years ago researchers found another health risk resulting from using mobile phones – a risk of developing eczema. These findings were not made public as there was little or no proof.

Recent tests carried out by Japanese scientist Dr Hajime Kimata have confirmed these earlier findings that exposure to the microwaves emitted by mobile phones can trigger a reaction in people with skin allergies.

Blood tests have shown that people with eczema or dermatitis have higher levels of chemicals pumped out by their immune system when using a mobile phone causing an allergic reaction. It would appear that the microwaves are triggering an allergic reaction.

It is believed there are around 50 million mobile phones in use in the UK alone making the safety issue of prolonged use a major concern.

British allergy experts have said that Dr Kimata’s findings are interesting but there is no scientific explanation as to why radiation would increase allergic responses.

“This study adds to the evidence that microwave radiation may do strange things that we don’t quite understand” added Professor Tony Frew, of the Southampton University.

Mel Sinclair, RN