Psoriasis – You are not alone

  • Inflamed, itchy skin,
  • Thick, red patches covering your body,
  • Dry, silvery flakes on your scalp and through your hair.

Feeling Lonesome?

In fact, psoriasis is one of the more common types of skin disorders. It is estimated that between 5 – 7 million people in the United States have psoriasis and a further 150,000 new cases are reported yearly.  With no cure in sight, this number will just keep growing.

It is hard to believe a condition can be this common and still be shrouded with such ignorance and misconception.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that ranges from mild, hardly noticeable psoriasis through to severe psoriasis that covers large areas of the body.

People with psoriasis still feel embarrassed by their condition due to reactions from the public. In general the public does not understand psoriasis, and will avoid contact or interaction with people suffering severe psoriasis due to a fear of contracting the condition.

Psoriasis Is Not Contagious

This public reaction leads to feelings of anger, frustration and depression. The often unsightly blemishes on the skin prove to be emotionally distressing for the sufferer.

Education Is The Key

Not only is education of the person suffering from psoriasis vital but also education of the general public in an attempt to create greater acceptance and understanding of the condition.

To have the confidence to treat and control the condition and discuss it with others the person with psoriasis must first have a good understanding of psoriasis. There are many forms of psoriasis that you need to understand along with the cause and various treatment options.

Read about the condition on the internet and in books, talk to people with the condition, join support groups. The more you know about your psoriasis the better you will be able to deal with it and hopefully bring it under control instead of suffering from emotional anguish.

Mel Sinclair, RN