Establishing a daily skin care routine

Skin that is dry will often be sore and irritated. Therefore, the first line of treatment for eczema and psoriasis tends to be to lubricate and moisten the skin. This will replace water and oils that have been lost due to the skin condition.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is a daily bath. For many this will be surprising as water alone can have a drying effect on the skin. However, a bath containing an emollient or lubricant will lock the water into the skin with a covering of oil.

The water should not be too hot. Although hot water may cause some short-term relief, it can lead to itchiness and discomfort later.

Immediately after the bath, whilst the skin is at its softest and moistest, gently massage an emulsifying cream or ointment into the skin. This will help to keep up the moisture content and combat any dryness or cracking. It will also aid in the healing process of the damaged skin.

Regularly apply the cream or ointment throughout the day. A good idea is to take a small amount in a handy jar with you when you are out and about. This will ensure that your skin stays fully moisturized all day.

Mel Sinclair, RN