Two heads are better than one

A union of 2 of the UK’s, skincare companies York Phama, the University of Sheffield Spinout, and Molecular SkinCare has enabled some of the country’s leading skin disease specialists to work together.

What this means to you: This is a positive step for all sufferers of any skin condition. Previously, skilled scientists from both companies have been working towards the same goal. Now they have the chance to fill in the holes in each other’s research, and compare notes. This is wonderful news for all eczema and psoriasis sufferers!

Molecular SkinCare brings with it 9 staff including experts in Molecular biology and clinical dermatology. The union with the hard-nosed commercial York Phama, which operates half the worlds dermatology markets, looks to have many benefits. The new combined business aims to become a major force in the dermatology markets in Europe, the US and Japan.

“The agreement will turn academic discoveries into skin disease products,” said Molecular SkinCare’s CEO, Michael Garrison.

“This is a business transforming transaction, which both parties recognized as a perfect fit. The quality of the combined portfolio and enlarged team creates a business that will make a significant impact on the dermatology market in the coming years, both scientifically and commercially.”

The Molecular SkinCare team have been working on projects to find cream and drug-based products for eczema and psoriasis which will reach critical phases over the next 2 years. They have also been studying ways of repairing skin.

The union is a positive step for the advancement of products in psoriasis and eczema. It will aid not only in the development of new treatments but enable those treatments to reach the general public and assist the millions who suffer from these conditions which as yet have no cure.

Let’s hope that in the near future this new combined market will be introducing medications that go further towards controlling the irritating symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Mel Sinclair, RN